Accredited Worldwide CBI Agents are Dropping in Count: Here’s Why…

Accredited Worldwide CBI Agents are Dropping in Count: Here’s Why…


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Just 10 month ago, over 1000 agents held accreditation for CBI programs. Today, there are barely 300 agents left.

The value has dropped by over 70% since mid-2020. And below, we’ll discuss how that came along.

But before that, we’d like to note one thing. We’re only discussing countries that require licensing for agents working for them.

After all, many CIPs don’t have that stipulation, which include Jordan’s Turkey’s and Bulgaria’s schemes.

Causes of the Plunge

The peak value for worldwide agents was at 1026 in August 2020. Today it’s 307, which is an 85% drop.

The drop began with the Cypriot CIP closing. Before November 2020, it boasted the highest amount of accredited agents for all CIPs.

In fact, the Cypriot CIP had more agents than all world programs combined.

Other Causes – Malta and Moldova

Another cause is the end of Moldova’s CIP, which came to an end as a result of domestic politics. This dropped the number of agents around the world by 9.

Malta’s program change is another one. Recently, Malta swapped out its Individual Investor Programme with a MEIN policy.

With the new policy, Malta chose to redesign its accreditation process through the new Community Malta Agency.

That agency now manages a specific agents list that deals with Malta’s most important programs, those being its MEIN policy and the MPRP.

The MPRP (Malta Permanent Residency Program) is actually a replacement of an older program titled MRVP. The MRVP held a separate accredited agents list. With its cancellation, the MRVP agents are no longer in use, contributing to the reduced worldwide agent counts.

With that, Malta’s has experienced a drop in approved agents by 125, starting with August 2020. Today, only 37 agents remain.

However, it is expected that Malta may try to reintroduce agents back into its program, especially with its new approval process that requires more time.

Caribbean Island Agent Counts

Antigua & Barbuda also experienced a drop in agents. Their roster dropped by 2 from August 2020.

Saint Lucia and Montenegro didn’t change their agent counts, remaining at 16 and 9 respectively.

However, Saint Kitts & Nevis seems to have introduced many changes to its list. Its agent count fell by a third, from 64 to 46.

Regardless, even with the reduction, Saint Kitts and Nevis maintains a high per-capita rate, with approvals of 87 agents in a population of 100,000.

The only Caribbean country to rival Saint Kitts and Nevis’ accreditation per capita is Dominica, with 84.7 agents per 100,000 people.

Currently, Dominica has a total of 61 licensed agents, where it saw an increase of 3 agents since August 2020.

As for countries with the highest agent count, that would be Vanuatu. Currently, 91 accredited agents operate there, making it the largest aggregation.

Plus, Vanuatu did garner 4 new agents for its DSP, while Grenada garnered only 1.