Americans and Brits Travelling to the EU Need To Pay €7 Starting 2022

Americans and Brits Travelling to the EU Need To Pay €7 Starting 2022

Americans and Brits Travelling to the EU Need To Pay €7 Starting 2022

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Increased travel fees are standard practice each year. And this year, the EU is hiking travel costs for Brit and EU travelers.

In fact, travel costs are increasing for non-EU citizens in general.

Brits, Americans, Australians, and any non-resident within the Schengen zone must fill out an application to gain access, costing EUR 7.

While not a high cost, the application serves more as a sifting measure than anything else.

The Ninety Day Rule

This rule forces a time limit on citizens from other countries accessing the EU.

Of any 180 day period, travelers can only spend 90 days maximum. If they choose to stay longer, they’re required to get a visa.

The ninety-day rule is a fundamental part of EU travel procedures. It’s hard to see that changed drastically. But, we expect accessing the EU to be a little difficult next year.

The New Rule

Called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System), the EU Commission intends it to act as a way of increasing security and reducing health threats.

Apparently, the new rule seems to be focused less on sifting entries by nationality, and more on COVID-19 health risks.

So far, the targets of the new waiver are those who aren’t residing permanently in a European country or aren’t required a visa to be in one.

In fact, those who are most likely to fall under the new rules are:

  • 2nd homeowners
  • Temporary workers
  • Tourists
  • Travelers visiting friends or family

The new program seems to be modeled after the American ESTA visa waiver, and the Australian ETA – both currently used to sift through short-stay travelers.

With that, there will not be a change of rules for those requiring a Schengen visa. This will include most African citizens, South Americans, and Asian citizens.

How Are the New Rules Affecting Travel for non-European Citizens?

Currently, the European Commission claims that the rules will produce a “minimal effect” on eligible travelers.

Qualified travelers are simply asked to fill out the application before their arrival, costing EUR 7 – and is free of charge to those over 70, and those under 18.

The application is online. No traveling or “paperwork” is necessary, and the application can be submitted from the comfort of one’s home.

Also, filling out the application only requires a few minutes of the traveler’s time.  And, an application lasts three years, making it convenient for frequent travelers.

What’s Required?

Applicants are required to submit their travel details, biometric passport info while answering some simple security questions.

Travelers should preferably apply 72 hours before it comes necessary – just in case processing delays occur.

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