Belgium’s Residence by Investment Program: Quick Guide


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Belgium is an amazing country for long-term residence. It’s a prime choice for many immigrants seeking a diverse culture. Socially, the country is divided into two parts. The northern part is Flemish, while the Southern part speaks French (which is the location of Brussels). However, Belgium doesn’t provide a residency program for investment. Instead, it has an entrepreneur visa, under its self-employment program.

Belgium Entrepreneur Visa

The Belgium Entrepreneur Visa provides a temporary resident permit to applicants, allowing them to operate in the region they’d like to relocate to.

Getting a Professional Card

First, you need to be self-employed, which requires you have a professional card.

From there, you need to:

  • Head to an enterprise counter
  • Acquire an enterprise number
  • Get registered at the Enterprise Crossroads Bank

Also, if you’re the agent responsible for everyday management of the enterprise, then you need to register the following:

  • Your professional card (at an enterprise counter, via the Enterprise Crossroads Bank)
  • With aself-employed individuals insurance fund

You might also be need to register the following (based on your business activity):

  • VAT
  • Self-employed workers’ social insurance fund


Partners and executive directors of companies only need registration with social insurance funds.

Starting a Business

Setting up businesses in Belgium follow a similar process to acquiring a professional card, but with a few extra steps.

They include:

  • Registering your company’s statutes at the Registry of the Commercial Court, at the location of your company’s planned Headquarters
  • At the Registry, the business will simultaneously be registered at the Enterprise Crossroads Bank, while receiving an enterprise number

Also, the following is required, if said company is involved in any business activities:

  • Gaining access to a legal profession at an enterprise counter
  • Register activities at said counter
  • VAT application

Lastly, any employed personnel at the company must be registered at the National Social Security Office.

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