Biden Plans to Restart “Remain in Mexico” Early November

Biden Plans to Restart “Remain in Mexico” Early November

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Those in “Remain in Mexico’s” program are regrouping at Paso Del Norte Border Bridge, waiting to see what will be done regarding their immigration status, and in light of the recent pandemic.

Apparently, Biden’s administration plans to restart the “Remain in Mexico” era this December. The decision to restart the program seems to come from an official source.

This policy details state that non-Mexicans should remain in Mexico until their assigned US court dates.

Reinstating the policy has come as a shock to many. At the beginning of Biden’s term that policy was considered inactive, being suspended shortly afterward. Signs of change would appear by August, with a judge mentioning that the suspension was unlawful, and that management should restore the program to proper functioning.

The United States has been in discussions with Mexico since then on how to recover the policy. And while Homeland Security released another memo to eliminate the policy, the memo cannot take effect until the court approves it.

More on the New Policy

The policy “Migrant Protection Protocols” (MPP) is a scaling project. It’s predicted that it’ll start with minor restrictions before growing over time. Those allowed a return to Mexico can choose to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

A Homeland Security spokesperson has outlined “As we have previously stated, we are required by court order to re-implement MPP. In compliance with the court order, we are working to re-implement MPP as promptly as possible”.

However, the same source stresses the Mexican Government’s role in the policy, whose approval is required for the US to start its MPP enrollments. Regardless, Homeland Security plans to quickly communicate the implementation time, both to court and the public.

Biden’s administration has been on track with implementation for couple of months, indicated by prior widespread speculations on the policy’s return.

With that, the US will now have two major policies with its Mexican borders. The Trump-era health is the other policy, allowing expulsion for those illegally crossing US-Mexico borders.

MPP to Launch Soon

Blas Nuñez-Neto, the acting Homeland Security assistant secretary for border and immigration policy said “the US and Mexico were close to finalizing discussions on “Remain in Mexico”.

He has indicated that the US government anticipates a positive resolution and reimplementation within the new few weeks.

According to official sources, the United States and Mexico are still scheduling case hearings. There are also discussions regarding migrants unaffected by the policy – with suggestions that they may be allowed access to free counseling.

Biden has also reached out to legal providers, asking for involvement in the effort to distribute migrants. However, many immigrant attorneys are communicating a lack of interest, especially regarding a policy that belongs to Trump’s administration.

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