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Located in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are one of the world’s most beautiful vacation spots. The islands are a paradise full of luxurious scenery and clear beaches. It’s a prime spot for many foreigners seeking a warm retirement location.

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory and only an hour and away by plane from Miami. With The Bahamas, the Cayman Islands are wealthy Americans’ preferred destination in the Caribbean.

However, it’s the best fit for wealthier individuals. While it is a low tax environment, entry requirements are steep. But, assuming you fit the requirements, it all comes with a long-term residency program and a variety of privileges.

Cayman Islands Residence by Investment programs

The Cayman Islands provide investors with permanent or long term resident permit under the Independent Means category. Each permit has its own initial and yearly fees. The permits are provided in the form of certificates, depending on an applicant’s work status.

Bringing family and eventually being naturalized is a possibility in this territory. Applicants can bring their spouses. Children who are less than 24 years of age also qualify. And after 5 years of residency, the islands provide a naturalization option as a BOTC (British Overseas Territory Citizen).

Cayman Islands Residency Certificate for Independent Means Investor (Permanent)

Application Fees for this golden visa start at CI$100,000.

This is mainly a real estate program. Applicants must invest CI$2,000,000 (minimum) in the territory’s developed real estate to qualify.

Investors are allowed to stay indefinitely upon being accepted.

There is however a second variant of the certificate, with a different set of requirements…

Cayman Islands Residency Certificate for Independent Means Investor (Temporary)

Successful applicants are given a renewable residence permit that lasts 25 years.

Investors residing on the island are not allowed to take employment on the island.

This program has two options, based on where the investor plans to stay. Each application fee costs CI$20,000.

Little Cayman and Cayman Brac

Applicants need to place CI$500,000 in investments, with at least 50% directed towards developed real estate within Little Cayman or Cayman Brac.

Also, investors must have an annual income over CI$75,000.

If that’s not possible, then they’ll need to maintain an open bank account with the Cayman Islands. Investors are required to maintain a deposit of CI$400,000 (minimum) in assets.

Grand Cayman

Applicants need to invest over CI$1 million, with at least half directed towards developed real estate.

The investor’s annual income must be greater than CI$120,000.

If that’s not possible, they’ll need to maintain an open bank account with the Cayman Islands. Investors are required to maintain a deposit of CI$400,000 (minimum) in assets.

Cayman Islands Residency Certificate for Substantial Business Presence

Application fees are CI$6,000 for this golden visa. Annual fees apply for work permit renewal.

This program doesn’t apply to investors only. It also includes employees in senior management positions within a company. However, the company must belong to an approved business category, as specified by the territory’s laws.

This permit does not specify a minimum investment amount. Successful applicants receive a renewable residency certificate valid for 25 years.

The permit entitles individuals residency, plus work within the business that they invested or are employed in. More information on this program is available at the immigration website.

Cayman Islands Residency Certificate for Direct Investment

Application fees are CI$20,000 for this golden visa.

Investors can explore avenues beyond real estate with this option. A minimum of CI$1,000,000, is required. The funds must be invested in a new or existing venture. The business is required to generate employment. Also, it must be licensed by the Cayman Islands.

Investors are required to exercise management control over the project.

Applicants need to demonstrate expertise through a background that includes a successful entrepreneurial track record. This should include specific relevant technical and professional skills.

Requirements also include demonstration of knowledge needed to carry out the project.

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