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Like many countries in the world, Chile offers its own residence by investment programs. It’s beneficial to many wealthy investors, especially those in a hurry for new citizenship. Naturalization can happen after only 5 years of residence in Chile. It offers a great passport that allows access to visa-free locations, such as the US and EU. Plus, it’s affordable compared to many other investor visas.

Chile Residence by Investment programs

After just one year of temporary residence, Chile offers permanent residence to foreigners. And after residing for 5 years, an investor can apply for citizenship.

The Chilean program is divided into three, those being:

  • Chile Rentier
  • Chile Investor Visa
  • Chile Startup Visa

One thing to know about Chile’s programs is that they are divided based on if the investment is made in the Capital Area or outside of it. Investments in the Capital Area of Santiago generally need to be higher. 

Chile Rentier

This program focuses less on high investment amounts, and more on revenue. Rentier programs are generally for retirees living off a pension. But you may also qualify if you can prove a stable income.

Applicants exceeding a certain revenue limit can be accepted for temporary Chilean residence. This program’s income requirements aren’t high, and it doesn’t impose an age restriction.

Chile Investor Visa

This program scheme is for business investors, and it offers temporary residence. It’s similar to an entrepreneurial program, where applicants must launch a business within Chile.

This program follows two paths, depending on where the applicant plans to settle and start their business.

  • Investing in Santiago (Chile’s capital city). A minimum of $75,000 USD in investment is expected for qualification.
  • Investing outside Santiago. Applicants can usually qualify for lower investment values. 

Business projects are evaluated separately, based on their feasibility and merits. Also, how many jobs a business can create and the project type factor in.

Chile Startup Visa

This program was launched in 2010, and with huge success. Its focus is on attracting low-fund startups to Chile.

Individuals considering a startup are given 1 of 3 program to choose from. Each program differs in its conditions and financing levels.

Approved applicants are given the support needed to move, reside, and also launch their businesses efficiently in Chile.

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