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Eligibility Assessment

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Application support tools
(step-by-step guides)

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review portal

Exclusive Online Resources

Access comprehensive
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How To Guides

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Community Network

All the tools to discover, prepare, and apply at your own pace

Basic Membership Access

Single Application: $1250 USD

Dependent: $250 USD per Dependent

Global RCG’s customized assessment and advisory process designed to help our members and their families obtain their birthright citizenship with Advisory assistance at every step

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RCG Mobility Expert

Assists you every step of the way

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Our Members

Membership Portal

Basic Membership

Inclusive Everything from Basic Membership Package

Global RCG Network

Access to Global RCG Membership Networks, Deal Portals, and Industry Professionals.

360º Assessment

Customized plan for document collection, application preparation and submission


In country experts locate the required documents

Monitor & Compliance

Consulate meetings, and application monitoring after submission

Documents Management Platform

Document management portal with assessment and review in real time.

Let our team of experienced Mobility Advisors Prepare, Implement and Execute your Service Plan

Global RCG Premium Membership Timeline and Process

Membership Timeline and Process
Mask Group 9


Main Applicant

Membership Fee: $5000 USD

3 Monthly Installments: $2500 USD


Fee: $1000 USD

3 Monthly Installments: $500 USD

Group 3094

Do you have direct family members or relatives that qualify?

Family Package

20% Discount on Premium Membership
pricing for all eligible family members