Ancestry-Based Citizenship

Slovakia is an EU country with one of the world's best passports.

An estimated 800,000 Americans can be eligible for Slovak citizenship by ancestry. Eligibility for Slovak citizenship by descent is limited to those whose parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were born in Slovakia's territory.

Amendments to the nationality law became effective in April 2022.

Capital City


Visa free countries


Total area

49,035 km²




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Time Zone


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Passport with visa-free travel to 178 countries

Process completed in 18 to 24 months

Freedom of movement in the EU

Ancestry-Based Citizenship

Slovak Citizenship by Descent
Application Requirements

Applicants may be eligible to one of the following:

Case #1
Direct Ancestors

Your anchor ancestor was a Czechoslovak citizen born in the territory of the Slovak Republic and emigrated after 1910.

Case #2
Significant benefit to Slovak community

The following two conditions must be met:

Your anchor ancestor was born in the territory of the Slovak Republic and emigrated before 1910.

The Principal Applicant demonstrates how they’ve significantly benefited the community of Slovaks living abroad due to their “extraordinary contributions” to their respective diasporic communities.

New Member Onboarding
Retrieval of Vital Records
Document Preparation
Apostille, notarization and translation.
Obtain FBI Background Report and prepare CV
Submit SLA Application
Required in certain cases
Submit Residency Permit Application
Submit Citizenship Application

Do you qualify for Slovak citizenship?

Take a free eligibility test today! Your eligibility for ancestry-based citizenship will be determined within 48 hours by the internal genealogy team at Global RCG.

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