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and Travel Meet:

Live abroad while working remotely in safe, attractive destinations.

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What is Coporate Nomads?

A company-sponsored work from abroad program that’s fully compliant

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6, 12, 24
or 36 months

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Fully compliant
and reliable

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Up to three destinations
per year

We solely use locally-approved employment and residency solutions

Which means your HR department rests assured that your company
does not break local labor laws nor establishes a formal presence

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EU Blue Cards

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Digital Nomad Visas

Employees enjoy living abroad while working remotely in safe, vibrant destinations around the globe.

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12, 24 or 36 months programs

Up to 3 destinations per year

Core Solutions

Processing of local employment authorization and health insurance, including visa program monitoring to ensure compliance.

How does it work?

We deliver fully-compliant plug and play, global mobility programs

Vetting and selection of
the best digital nomad destinations

Processing of local employment authorization
and health insurance

Ongoing compliance
and program monitoring

Access to vetted local solutions at preferred rates (housing, co-working, etc.)

What are the benefits?

  • Much lower healtcare premiums
  • Eliminate retention bonuses (largely futile anyways)
  • Reduce employee replacement costs (2x salary)

Benefits for companies

employee loyalty

Gain increases in your employees commitment and sense of belonging.

Build a powerful recruiting edge over your competitors

A powerful recruiting tool to attract top talent.

Retain talent across all levels of the organisation

Save largely futile "retention" bonuses and offer a life-changing benefit instead

For companies

The ultimate corporate benefit of the remote-first era

A compliant way for remote employees to work from abroad.

The ultimate HR benefit for employees.

Cost Savings on
HR Benefits and Taxes

Payroll Taxes
(federal and state)

Up to $15,000

US Healthcare Benefits

Up to $15,000

Up to

$ 0

in annual savings dependent on salary paid and domestic healthcare benefit cost

Avoid Employee
Turnover Costs

1.5x - 2x
of annual salary

≈ $80,000 - $250,000 +

Why it’s needed?

Companies face serious legal exposure when their remote employees
work abroad without a local country's permission.


Remote Employees

Suited for multiple purposes

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Foreign-born employees or job seekers with expiring US visa status

Experiential benefits for millennial employees

Proactive retention of senior employees

Use Cases #1 |
Retention Tool

A compelling benefit program tailor made to help companies recruit, retain, and reward their US-based employees yearning to become digital nomads.

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Use Cases #2 |
Recruit foreign-born talent of your choosing

By bypassing the H-1B visa application process altogether, US-based companies can regain control over their recruiting programs.

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Use Cases #3 |
Retain "empty nesters" nearing retirement with the benefit of a lifetime

Retain senior level employees contemplating exiting the workforce by offering year-long work from abroad programs in expat-friendly countries.

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Processing of local employment authorization and health insurance, including visa program monitoring to ensure compliance.

Two Countries

Monthly fee per employee
$ 599
/ month
  • Visa Processing
  • Local Health Insurance (Required)
Most Popular

Three Countries

Monthly fee per employee
$ 715
/ month
  • Visa Processing
  • Local Health Insurance (Required)

One Country

Monthly fee per employee
$ 515
/ month
  • Visa Processing
  • Local Health Insurance (Required)

Nothing left to chance

Corporate Nomads offers optional supplementary company-sponsored services as well as employee paid options that they may wish to add on.

For Companies

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Workspaces with high-speed wifi

$250 to $400 per month per employee

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VPN Services

$70 per year per employee

For Employees

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Payroll administration & compliance

Save - 15% off local rental rates

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Expat tax services

$700 per year

For employees

Take a year abroad with your job

Work abroad programs sponsored by your employer.

Live in and work from the best destinations worldwide while saving on living costs and taxes.

Workers that Corporate Nomads is tailored to


Foreign-born STEM grads


Employees in tech companies

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Corporate professionals


"Empty nesters"


Remote teams

The Working From Anywhere (WFX) movement
is exploding in popularity, especially in the United States

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The best countries to live and work in

Attractive destinations with robust infrastructure for remote working
ensuring that employees stay motivated and efficient

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Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands

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San José
Costa Rica

golden visa portugal


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San Salvador
El Salvador

The best destinations for remote work

Take a deep dive into our spotlight countries and find out how your employees
can receive residency and foreign employment rights in each

Are you interested in working abroad as a digital nomad?

Let your employer know about our fully-compliant,
company-sponsored global mobility programs

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