Costa Rica’s Residency by Investment Program: Quick Guide


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As a common holiday spot, Costa Rica is considered a dream expat location. For others, it’s a place to start a simple yet beautiful life at low cost.

The Costa Rican government has capitalized on those desires. It has launched a Golden Visa, aka investor visa, with lenient entry requirements compared to other countries.

Those requirements include…

  • Short 90 day processing period (between submitting the application, and receiving a permit).
  • Long permanent residency duration (3 years per permit).
  • Possibility of permanent residency upon renewing temporary permits.
  • High age ceiling for dependents (children under age 25 qualify).
  • Possibility of naturalization (within 7 years of residency).

Costa Rica’s Golden visa has two paths, which include…

Costa Rica Rentier Option

To apply, an upfront investment amount isn’t necessary. An applicant simply needs to provide proof of monthly income. This path is often used for retirees. You can also achieve this by making a bank deposit in Costa Rica.

Proof must come from a source recognized by Costa Rican authorities. It should indicate that the monthly income will not drop under $2,500 USD for the following 2 years.

Costa Rica Immigrant Investor Program

The program requires applicants to sign up for temporary residency as investors. Applicants need to show that their capital exceeds $200,000 USD. That capital may be funded into:

  • Insurable assets
  • Securities, shares, and real estate
  • Projects of national interest
  • Productive projects
  • Forest plantation (a capital of $100,000 is allowed)

Forest plantation investments must be held (at minimum) for 3 years. However, other investments have to be kept indefinitely, for the duration of the applicant’s temporary residency.

After the 3 year period, investors can sign up for permanent residency before withdrawing their investments.

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