Germany is Europe's bridge between the east and west. A rich history and resilient people have shaped Germany into the modern and thriving country that it is today while still maintaining its culture, landscape, and iconic architecture.

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Country Overview

Germany is a federation of states and parliamentary democracy in Western Europe. Germany is one of the largest nations in Europe by land size and population and has been at the forefront of European politics since its inception.

The capital of Germany is Berlin which has become influential on a global scale in the realms of commerce and culture. In recent years, Germany has become a magnet for immigration due to its accepting culture, low costs of living, and governmental stability.



Capital City


Country Size

137,988 mi²




Euro €


83.4 million

Why choose Germany

Freedom of travel throughout the Schengen Zone.

Pathway to permanent residency

Low cost of living and high quality of life.

High quality and free public education

Multicultural and diverse cities

Excellent and low cost health system

International Rankings

3 cities in the top 10

for highest quality of Life

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Happiest country in the world

germany stats 2 min


Best passport worldwide

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Tax Environment

Tax Highlights

0 %
Corporate Tax Rate


Property Taxes

0 %
Dividend Taxes


Inheritance Tax

0 +
Double Taxation Treaties


Income Tax Rate

Explore Germany


Berlin is the capital of Germany and at the center of much of the country’s history. In Berlin, there is something for everyone from world-famous nightclubs like Berghain to family-friendly outdoor spaces like Sommerbad.


Munich is Germany’s third most populated city and located in the southern region of the country. Munich is the capital of Bavaria and offers a culture distinct from the rest of Germany. Here you can enjoy pastries and beer from within one of the city’s many castles.


Dusseldorf is located on the bank of the Rhine River. The city is relatively small, but is packed with stunning architecture, lush green spaces, and opportunities to enjoy the best that Germany has to offer.


Hamburg is the nexus of German culture. This city is filled with theatres, concert halls, and art museums. Hamburg is located between the North and Baltic Seas and has been a magnet for travelers, immigrants.

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The German healthcare system runs on a public-private model. All people are enrolled into the state’s insurance program and those above a certain income are able to purchase private insurance. The government does not directly provide healthcare. Generally, healthcare in Germany is affordable and of an excellent quality.


Education in Germany is free for all citizens and residents. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 are required to attend school, with most opting to study until the age of 18 and continuing on to university. Post-secondary education is also tuition free in Germany. Generally, classes are administered in German, but schools will offer immigrant students support through additional German language classes and after-school tutoring.

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