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United States

From mega urban metropolises to rugged pacific coastlines, the United States of America has something for everyone. The USA is perfect for the doers, the builders, and the dreamers.

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United States

Country Overview

The defining feature of the USA is its diversity and expansiveness. America has no official language and several of the most diverse cities in the world. Major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Miami have become hubs for innovation and immigration. The USA is a democratic republic in North America and their economy operates on free market principles.


North America

Capital City

Washington D.C.

Country Size

3,797,000 mi²




US Dollar (USD)


329.5 million

Why choose the United States

Easy access to all of North America.

Pathway to American citizenship

Able to live in USA without an employer.

Strong business enviroment

Able to bring spouse and children at no additional investment cost.

High quality education and healthcare

International Rankings


Startup Ecosystem System

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Best Country to Do Business In.

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Tax Environment

Tax Highlights

0 %
Corporate Tax Rate


(dependent on State) Property Taxes


Income & Dividend Tax Rate

0 %
Inheritance Tax
0 +
Double Taxation Treaties


Income Tax Rate

Explore the United States

new york
New York City

New York City is the financial center of the USA and the country’s most populous city. The people, and the energy of this city have made it the global capital that it is today.

los angeles
Los Angeles

Los Angeles is on the USA’s western coast and is the center of global entertainment and media. That said, behind the glamour of Hollywood is a city with a unique history and rich local culture.

miami florida

People and companies are flocking to this city to live, work, and thrive in Miami. In this city, you will find Latin music, sandy beaches, and a Caribbean pace of life.

chicago river

Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and is the USA’s third most populous city. Chicago has become iconic for its skyscrapers, music, and world-class art scene.

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The American healthcare system is dominated by a mix of public and private insurance and healthcare providers. While the USA’s healthcare system leads the world in medical innovation, the system struggles to provide adequate access to basic services. Most people have private insurance provided by their employers and those that do not receive coverage from various government programs like Medicaid and Medicare.


The American education system is decentralized, free, and compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 18. The public school system is primarily funded by local taxes and curriculums are decided at the state level with some federal standards. The system has thirteen school years and three general stages: elementary (K-6), middle or junior high (7-8), and high school (9-12).Once a student has completed high school, they are able to take the SAT Or ACT in order to apply to university. There are public and private universities in USA, with many of the world’s most prestigious universities being located in the North East and Western regions of the country. University in the USA is not free.

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