Curaçao Has Modified Its Investor Permit Program

Curaçao Has Modified Its Investor Permit Program

Curaçao Has Modified Its Investor Permit Program

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Curacao is a little-known “autonomous region” of the Netherlands.

The island’s status to the Netherlands is the same as France’s relationship to its Caribbean “Departments” islands (like Martinique and Guadeloupe).

Basically, Curacao’s government has full autonomy regarding its domestic affairs. However, issues such as foreign relations and defense are managed by the Netherlands.

Thus, while its Prime Minister is the government’s head, the Head of State is the Dutch King.

Also, the country uses the Netherlands ’ Antillean Guider as its main currency.

Why Pick Curacao?

Being little known comes with a multitude of pros. It’s a calm and stable place to invest, especially with it being mid-Caribbean.

With those in mind, Curacao doesn’t have a citizenship system. In fact, there’s no such thing as a Curacao citizen.

All are considered Dutch nationals. As a result, they’re also considered EU citizens, with the accompanying rights provided by that.

However, there is a residency program.

Curacao launched its Investor Permit Program in 2014. It’s been in effect since then. But this year, it’s receiving an interesting set of makeovers.

Through Dutch nationality laws, those residing in Curacao legally for five years straight can receive Dutch citizenship. But, they’ll need to pass a basic language test and a Civic Integration Exam first.

Qualifying Requirements for Curacao’s Investor Permit Program

Applicants are given THREE different options for investment – each providing a separate type of residency permit. They are:
• Renewable 3-year permit, requiring $280,000 minimum
• Renewable 5-year permit, requiring $425,000 minimum
• Indefinite permit, requiring $850,000 minimum

Investments may include, but aren’t limited to:
• Business investments
• Real estate acquisition
• Securities acquisitions (must be traded on the DCSX)

The last option was the new modification done to the program this year. It’s a route that’s compatible with price-sensitive investors.

Caribbean Island – But With EU Travel Advantages

While the DCSX (Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange) is based in mainland Netherlands, it is a qualification path for those seeking to reside in Curacao.

This opens up many opportunities for investors. It allows them a mobility advantage, keeping their investments in mainland Netherlands while residing in the Caribbean.

Also, restrictions on this path seem minimal. The issuer of DCSX security can be a local or foreign entity, and the investor can still qualify.

However, the issuers need a minimum of one legal representative or local direction.

They should also prove the existence of local operational expenditures (example being rent), with financial management done locally.

This path is also touted by experts to be a safe option. It allows an applicant to easily reach the $850,000 mark for an indefinite permit.

Little Nationality Restrictions

Currently, Curacao places few restrictions on nationalities that can apply.

Residency holders in one location carry settlement and movement rights to the Netherlands.

Effectively, this makes Curacao’s program similar to an EU golden visa, only requiring 5 years to citizenship.