Czech Republic’s Business Residency Program: Quick Guide


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The Czech Republic is a business-friendly country, but  does not provide residency by investment schemes such as an investor visa or golden visa. However, it does offer an alternative that’s appealing to a variety of Business related resident permits and visas.

The Czech’s permits are all temporary, and they’re offered to:

  • Those exercising business activities
  • Self-employed professionals

The requirements aren’t hard. They’re inexpensive and accepting of low-net worth applicants.

Application Process

Applicants need to enter the Czech Republic to register their company. This can be done through a 6-month business visa.

Afterwards, applicants will receive their residence permit – which must be renewed annually.

Following 5 residence years, applicants can apply for permanent residence. After 10 total residence years, an applicant can apply for naturalization.

Applicants Must Also Submit the Following:

  • Original travel document
  • Document stating the reason of stay (mainly a document to confirm entry at a legal business record/register)
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of funds
  • A photograph (may not be needed if pictorial records were already taken of the applicant)
  • Parental consent

Additional Documents to Submit (Upon Request):

  • Document provided by the state in which the applicant currently resides. Normally, the document should look like a Penal Register extract. The document should prove where the applicant was residing continuously (for 6+ month periods), throughout the past 3 years. If the applicant’s state doesn’t provide such documents, then a signed affidavit might be requested. Foreigners aged under 15 aren’t required to submit this document.
  • Health document, proving that the applicant fulfills conditions set by the Health Ministry on the spreading of infectious diseases.

After Approval.

If an application gets approved, then before acquiring a visa, applicants need to provide a proof of medical travel insurance document.

This document isn’t required of:

  • Foreigners who already subscribe to public health insurance.
  • Foreigners who whose health insurance is covered by an international agreement.
  • Foreigners who can prove their insurance coverage by other means.

Upon request, applicants may be asked to pay the insurance amount, as stated in the required document.

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