Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

Estonia is an EU country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia and to the east by Lake Peipus and Russia. Estonia is a member of the European Union and Schengen agreement, meaning that EU common visa policy applies for the country. Estonia is one of the most tax-friendly countries in the EU. Its tax rates are roughly half of those from other Western countries, and foreign income is not taxed. The living environment is very clean and safe. According to the World Health Organization, Estonia has the best overall air quality in the world.

The government launched an e-Residency program in 2018 and, since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has created a Digital Nomad Visa (DNV). Foreigners with the ability to work remotely can qualify for the DNV, which is a long-stay visa allowing you to live up to a year in Estonia.

Capital City


Visa free countries


Total area

45,339 km2






1,328,439 (2022)

Time Zone

UTC+02:00 (EET)


Estonia ranks 1st in the world in terms of digital life

Ability to reside in Estonia for 1 year

Freedom of movement within Schengen Area

Affordable cost of living

Application Process


Consult with Global RCG


Prepare your documents


Submit the application


Receive your Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Application Process

Digital Nomads and their families can apply with the following requirements:


Additional Requirements

The Estonia Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) provides a 1-year visa in only a few week’s time. The DNV allows you to stay in Estonia and travel around Europe’s Schengen Area. When you apply for Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa, your spouse/partner and minor children can apply too. Adult children with disabilities are also eligible. Estonia recognizes same-sex unions, so same-sex partners can apply for a visa to accompany their DNV-holding partner.

Day 1
Day 1
Verify eligibility and start client onboarding process with Global RCG
Day 1
Week 1
Week 1
Global RCG helps you gather the required documents and assists you to fill your application
Week 1
Week 2
Week 2
Get an appointment with the nearest Estonia representation to submit the application
Week 2
Week 3-4
Week 3-4
Estonia conducts a background check and notifies the applicant of approval
Week 3-4
Week 5-6
Week 5-6
Travel to the nearest Estonian embassy to receive your long-stay visa.
Week 5-6

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