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United States

EB-5 Visa Program

The USA is a highly sought-after country for international investors. For those who wish to acquire permanent resident (‘green card’) status in the USA, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is the most efficient way to acquire such status. Since 1990 when congress created this program, each year, the USA government allocates a substantial number of visas for individuals who wish to make a significant, qualified investment into the country that can generate jobs for the USA economy. Under this program, individuals and their immediate family members can become permanent residents of the USA within a short period of time.

Capital City

Washington D.C.

Visa free countries

184 (for citizens)

Total area

9,833,517 km²




United States Dollar $


326,625,791 (2017)

Time Zone

Mainland UTC-04:00 to -08:00


Visa-free travel
to 184 countries

Required investment

Eligible for US Citizenship after receiving permanent Green Card

Ideal base for business people and investors

Application Process


Consult with Global RCG


Prepare your documents


Submit the application


Receive your residency

EB-5 Visa Program​
Application Process

Pursue entrepreneurial opportunities in the U.S. Option to pursue a direct path to U.S. citizenship. Unrestricted employment for green-card holders. Visa-free international travel to and from the USA. Freedom to reside anywhere in the USA.


Other requirements:

Day 1
Day 1
Onboarding with Global RCG and selection of investment option.
Day 1
Month 1
Month 1
Make your investment and submit form I-526.
Month 1
Year 2-5
Year 2-5
I-526 is approved. Apply for an DS-620 (or I-485 if already living in the US).
Year 2-5
Year 2-8
Year 2-8
Receive conditional Green Card.
Year 2-8
Year 4-10
Year 4-10
Apply for I-829 to get your conditions removed from your Green Card.
Year 4-10
Year 8-15
Year 8-15
Receive your unconditional green card.
Year 8-15

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Required & Non-Required Visa Countries


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