What Americans Need to Know about Getting Healthcare Insurance When Living Abroad


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The digital nomad life is a good one: the freedom to travel, enjoy the cool breezes of the ocean or maybe the cosmopolitan life of a European capital. But what of something goes awry?

What if you ate some bad food that settles badly in your stomach and you need a doctor to look at you? What if you need a doctor to look at your ankle after a ski trip that went awry? 

Or, even worse, what if you endure a major accident that requires hospitalization?

In the U.S., Americans are used to navigating a complex healthcare system by either getting employer-provided healthcare or purchasing something on their own through Obamacare. While neither may be perfect, it’s what Americans have, deductibles and all.

But what about when you’re abroad? It isn’t and won’t be the same.

The truth is, American healthcare providers, by and large, don’t provide medical assistance abroad for people who live abroad permanently. Neither do Medicare and Medicaid. You will need to find some other option for your healthcare needs when living that digital nomad and remote worker life.

So, What is a Digital Nomad To Do?

It’s abundantly clear: Americans should not take a risk and move abroad without health insurance, hoping another country’s healthcare will come to their aid or that some other hospital system will come to the rescue when things go wrong.

For all those digital nomads and remote workers, this is why Corporate Nomads has partnered with SafetyWing, which calls itself “your home country on the internet.” The company, based in San Francisco and Norway, offers three types of products to meet your healthcare needs: nomad insurance, global health insurance and remote doctor. 

The nomad insurance is designed to “meet the medical and travel needs faced by digital nomads and other remote workers while they are outside of their home country,” according to SafetyWing. The good news is the insurance covers you nearly everywhere in the world (Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea are exceptions). The insurance can also be bought for companions and family members.

The global health insurance, which SafetyWing calls Remote Health, is more fully equipped, and there is no exclusion for pandemics. It offers insurance in more than 175 countries. It also available for dependents/family members. Pre-existing conditions may also be covered, though there are other factors to consider in that. 

Ready For the Next Step?

With Corporate Nomads and SafetyWing, there are no more excuses not to move abroad. With the right tools, assistance and planning, you can be abroad and rest assured that you’ll be covered, taken care of and ready for an expat adventure.

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