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Passport Talent is one of the French residence permits, which can be availed through a simplified visa process through the French Tech Visa program. According to the terms of the program, start-up workers, startup company owners and investors who contribute to the tech growth of France can apply for a French Tech Visa and residence permit. 

France, situated in the center of Europe, does not need an introduction as one of the best livable countries in the world. Peace, low crime rate, world-class healthcare, world-class education system and the parliamentary democracy have made France a highly developed country with rich cultural heritage. This core member state of the European Union and Schengen area provides many types of visas and residence permits.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced La French Tech to encourage new startups to contribute in French economy. This is to attract foreign investors, entrepreneurs and talents to come to France and conduct businesses.

Key advantages of this program:

  • Visa is valid for four years and renewable
  • Apply for Citizenship after 5 Years
  • Apply with full family and spouse can do any kind of job in France.
  • Kids can avail world-class education services
  • Avail best medical and healthcare services.

How to Qualify for the French Investor visa

The French Tech Visa has been made simple in order to boost up the Tech ecosystem. This visa has three types and by any one of these one can obtain multi-year residence permit.

  1. the French Tech Visa for Founders
  2. the French Tech Visa for Employees
  3. French Tech Visa for Investors

The French Tech Visa for Founders

France is a profound location for founders looking to start startup companies. This visa is for founders of international start-ups in France. The startups will be selected by partner incubators and accelerators through their regular selection process. There are some basic eligibility factors for this visa.

  • Financial resources or a net yearly salary amounting to the French minimum salary. (€18473 EUR as of 01.01.2020.)
  • Get selected by one of the listed French Tech Visa Partner Incubators or Accelerators.

The French Tech Visa for Employees

Qualified individuals with skills and talents can be employed by companies in France if this is recognized as innovative by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. To keep the French Tech momentum running, the startups will have to recruit thousands by coming years. The French Tech Visa for employees, possibly the most reachable startup employee visa in the world!

To be eligible for the French Tech Visa as an employee, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • A job Offer with a minimum duration of 3 months with a recognized French company qualified to hire via the French Tech Visa
  • A gross net salary of at least twice the French minimum wage. (€18473 EUR as of 01.01.2020.)

The French Tech Visa for Investors:

The French Investor visa is dedicated to international investors who want to establish themselves in France and secure their multi-year residence permit.

The basic eligibility for the French Tech Visa for Investors includes:

  • Investment of at least €300,000 in fixed tangible or intangible assets.
  • Invest either directly or via a company in which the visa applicant has at least a 30% shareholding.
  • Creating job opportunities in the company within the four years following the investment.

 Is your family coming with you?

  • The spouse and dependent children of the applicant can accompany with the visa holder.
  • The spouse will avail a ‘Talent Passport – Family’ residence permit. This permit will allow spouse to stay and undertake any job opportunity in France as long as the main visa holder’s residence permit is valid.

Length of stay

  • The maximum duration is four years on a renewable basis.
  • The Visa validity period of this program is inconstant and depends on the nature and duration of the strategic investment in France.

Documents Checklist

A detailed documents checklist can be found here. But the following documents are basic documents that applicant must submit with the application.

  • two completed application forms;
  • certificate of birth;
  • 3 photographs of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm;
  • invitation letter from La French Tech;
  • receipts for the payment of a residence permit card fee;
  • confirmation of owned or rented accommodation on French territory.
  • Certificate of marriage;
  • Certificate of birth for spouse and/or children;
  • Certificate of adoption.
  • Other documents as per the French Government Visa Applicant Portal.

Foreign business owners, investors and employees with skills can apply to French Investor Visa and make their dream of living in France true. The overall visa requirements are very flexible and the processing time is quick compared to other residence programs like Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

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