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Turkey, officially known as the Republic of Turkey, is an intercontinental country located between southeastern Europe and western Asia.

 About 70 to 80 percent are ethnic Turks, while the minority are Kurds. Turkey is the 37th largest country in the world. Being famous for its delicious food, exciting cultural heritage, ancient architectural buildings, and monuments – turkey is one of the favorite destinations for people globally.

Benefits of the Country for Immigrants


Turkey provides health insurance to foreign immigrants at a low cost of around 100 dollars with validation of one or two years. While the students under 18 will receive the same health care as the Turkish native students.


When you start living in turkey, you will know that turkey is the home to the best schools, colleges, and universities. You can meet your needs as a student and can get accommodations, food, and other services comparatively at a low rate.

Passport Quality

Turkish passport is valued at $70,000. Its ranking is 102th worldwide. You can travel to around 113 countries without needing a visa.


If you are earning 24,000 TRY per month, the percentage tax will be 15%. The rates are 0% to 40%, defined by the income you only earn in turkey.

Turkish Citizenship by Naturalization

You must have a Turkish residence permit ID card to stay legally. The benefits of this card are enormous. You can have a Turkish driver’s license. Also, you can sell and buy a property, rent a home. You can even start your own business and can make investments in a company. After fulfilling the required conditions, you can apply for Turkey citizenship and a passport.  Turkey’s citizenship and its passport will allow you to travel to 113 countries. In that case, you don’t need it. The Turkish ID card will be sufficient.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

All family members are eligible for citizenship- wife, children under 18 of age, and any disabled person of any age.

Area of Investment


Any local real estate, residential or commercial, for three years.


A local enterprise, government bonds, real estate or venture capital fund for three years.


In a local bank for a minimum of three years.


To hold the foreign currency in banks of turkey for 3 years


To purchase a real estate investment fund participation and hold it for 3 years


 Turkey Residence

According to Turkey iResidence (Foreign Residence Services), the turkey residence permit card will be issued to those immigrants by the Government; who will stay in Turkey for tourist purposes, study, job, business, or research purposes. The different types of residence permits are given below in the table.

Tourism residence permit ID card

1- or 2-years period, does not require continuous stay or live.

Business residence permit ID card

issued in 3 months, also does not require continuous stay.

Medical residence permit ID card

It is issued to foreigners who enters turkey for medical and treatment purposes.

Real estate residence permit ID card

It is issued to foreigners who have any Turkish property under $24,000.

Student residence permit ID card

it is issued upon the higher education and university completion.

Foreigner work permit ID card

It is issued to those who enter turkey for work purposes.

To obtain a Residence permit of any type, you have to apply for it within a month. You can fill online application and general requirements in the given sections accurately. Once you have a residence permit ID card, you can also apply for turkey citizenship and a passport.

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