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A new asset class tailor-made for American families in the post-pandemic era.

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Governments and centralized institutions impose arbitrary & unpredictable restrictions based solely on nationality:

At Global RCG, we kept asking ourselves

International Travel Rights

Settlement Rights

Why should your country of birth establish an arbitrary ceiling on your freedom of movement and thus your quality of life and peace of mind?

Why alternate residencies
and citizenships are surging in popularity?

Hedge exposure to sudden changes in:

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Increased levels of social unrest and political dysfunction

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Sudden changes in tax & regulatory policies

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Deterioration in quality of life

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Health security degradation

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Lack of control over international travel privileges

Global Mobility has become inextricably linked to wealth preservation and its value will grow as domestic and regional volatility increase

Enhance quality of life and peace of mind

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Work abroad in destinations of your choice

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Create a reliable "escape hatch"

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Diversify wealth outside the US

We specialize in serving the needs of multiple stakeholders, including:


Web 3.0 founders & crypto investors

HNW investors

Business owners


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Live Abroad Solutions

Fully-compliant digital nomad programs

Launch/expand your startup overseas

Earn sovereign residency rigths based on personal background

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Earn alternate citizenship by descent

Acquire residency or citizenship rights in a range of countries

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Live Abroad Programs

Plan B Programs

Live Abroad Programs

Digital Nomad

Startup Abroad

Retire Abroad

Plan B Programs

Citizenship by descent


Digital Nomad

Startup Abroad

Retire Abroad

Citizenship by descent


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Customized recommendations

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Program Overview

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Monitoring program requirements

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Compliance updates and implementation

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