Our mission is to democratize the ability for sovereign individuals to live, work and invest anywhere in the world.

We accelerate the mobility and deployment of

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The Global Residency & Citizenship Group

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Our Affiliates

Global RCG Wealth is a U.S.-based independent registered investment advisory firm that specializes in partnering with other like-minded fiduciary firms.

Global investment platform specializing in global mobility assets for sovereign individuals in the digital age.

An online hub for all things global mobility, wealth, international real estate and lifestyle.

Our Global Platform

Our platform offers a full range of residency solutions based on three asset categories

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Temporary solutions

Provide residency rights for up to 12 months.

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Background-based solutions

Provide residency rights based on personal, professional background.

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Investment-based solutions

Sovereign residency rights based on investment in destination country.

We unlock the freedom to work remotely, live, invest, and retire in the most attractive cities and countries around the world

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Senior Team



Founder & CEO

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Managing Director,
Business Development
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Managing Director,
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Vice President,
Business Development
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