Poland’s Residency by Investment Program Overview

Poland’s Residency by Investment Program Overview


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Poland offers one of the best passports in the world. It’s an EU member, allowing freedom of movement in the continent, plus visa-free access to the US. This makes polish residency a good investment. In fact, it’s one of the more affordable ones in the EU region. It’s accessible to even lower net worth investors.

Does Poland have a Residence by Investment program?

Poland does not have a Residence by Investment program or Golden Visa. But it does provide a Business Investor visa to those that invest in a business in the country. The program doesn’t require that investors place a large upfront capital sum.

It only requires them to start a business in Poland. Within a year, they need to generate EUR 15,000 in income to qualify for temporary residency plus the permit.

The greater the income (calculated in multiples of EUR 15,000), the longer the duration of the offered permit.

Applicants can invest in multiple asset types. Even real estate is an option with the program.

Permanent residency also comes soon after. Following 3 years, investors can apply for one. After another 3 years through permanent residency, applicants can get naturalized.

There’s also a possible citizenship-by-merit path. Investors contributing over EUR 1 million to Poland can petition the government for citizenship by merit. 

Acceptable Businesses by the Program

Applicants can launch their business companies in a multitude of forms. But, the process of starting each is different.

The same applies as to how Poland defines each business type’s registration process and obligations:

  • Joint Stock Companies. 
  • Limited Joint Stock Partnerships. 
  • Limited Liability Companies. 
  • Limited Partnerships. 

Also, there are some special rules to note regarding the business program.

Foreigners Can Run a Business Out of Poland.

Applicants who would like to start a company or partnership aren’t obligated to legalize their visit in Poland.

They aren’t required a Polish work permit. Also, the applicant can own a company in a Poland without physically residing there.

The process of registering the enterprise can be done remotely (online).

Individuals directing the company who are foreigners are in a different situation. They must sign up for a Polish work permit, while having grounds for residency in Poland.

Rules for Family Members

An applicant’s family members are also allowed to conduct business following similar principles to all foreigner applicants. Such family members must hold a residency permit.

They can also be family members of individuals subject to international agreements.

Arrival to Reunite With Other Family.

Family members with a temporary residency permit can conduct business, even if their arrival in Poland was for the purpose of uniting with other family members. However, the residing family members should be holders of a residency permit.

Also, the arriving family members must demonstrate their intention to conduct business as their entry basis (through the Registry of Economic Activity).

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