What is Portugal Birthright Citizenship & Why it is Advantageous for Golden Visa Holders?

What is Portugal Birthright Citizenship & Why it is Advantageous for Golden Visa Holders?

Portugal Brightright Citizenship

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On November 11th, 2020, Portugal enacted a new birthright citizenship law. ‘Children born to foreign parents who have lived in Portugal for at least a year shall be entitled to Portuguese citizenship at birth,’ according to the law. The recently modified nationality law of Portugal was published in the Diário da Repblica, the government’s official newsletter. President de Sousa issued the proclamation that led to this publishing.

The new law shortens the existing citizenship at birth law’s time term. One of their parents had to have lived in the area for two years or longer under the former rules.

The Law’s Impact on Portugal Golden Visa Holders

The Portugal Brightright Citizenship rule effectively permits children born in Portugal to become citizens provided one of their parents lived in Portugal for the previous year. If the minimum stay requirement of 7 days is met, Golden Visa holders are considered legal residents in Portugal. This means that a person who has been in Portugal for a year and has a child there will be eligible to give the child Portuguese citizenship at birth.

This is a significant victory for the Portuguese Golden Visa program. Portugal’s Golden Visa will be the only program in the EU that enables citizenship by birth without requiring a significant period of stay as a result of this law change.

Prior to this, the Portuguese Golden Visa received a big boost in 2018. Foreigners who had been legally residing in Portugal for five years instead of the usual six were eligible for naturalization under this statute. Because the Portuguese judiciary regards Golden Visa holders to be legitimate residents, many investors have been allowed to naturalize and become citizens of Portugal.

What are the Advantages of a Portugal Golden Visa?

With the United States, Portugal is on pace to become an E1 and E2 country. The ‘Amigos Act,’ as it is known, was passed by the House of Representatives last year. It is currently with the Senate Judiciary Committee. In order to become law, it must pass the Senate and be signed by the President. If the ‘Amigos Act’ passes, Portuguese residents will be permitted to live and work in the United States without a visa. This will be another significant benefit of the already well-known Portuguese Golden Visa.

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