Portugal Golden Visa Changes in 2022

Portugal Golden Visa Changes in 2022

Portugal Golden Visa Changes in 2022

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Portugal’s Golden Visa is one of the world’s most known investment residency programs.

It’s an excellent way for non-EU investors to enter and live in Europe – so long as they present a suitable minimum investment.

Plus, the visa has other advantages, such as excellent financial and personal freedom, and easier mobility for family.

With that, 2022 has brought new changes to the program. And this comes in light of the program performing poorly in 2021.

The changes aim to diversify investments throughout the country, including the Azores and Madeira islands.

Which Locations Qualify for a Portuguese Golden Visa?

With the new changes, Portugal’s government is focusing on the following requirements:

  • Raising productivity and employment opportunities
  • Cultural heritage
  • High social value and environmental activities
  • Urban requalification
  • Low-density relocations

As you’ll notice below, authorities have added new classifications that help applicants find qualifying investments, such as “low density” and “interior.”

So what are they exactly?

Low Density

Those are regions seen as territorial units. Those areas have 100 or fewer inhabitants per sq. /km (or) GDPs that are 75% or lower of Portugal’s national average. If a location is seen as “low density,” an applicant receives a 20% rate of discount towards their investment.

Many low-density areas qualify as interior areas, but there are usually exceptions. For example, the Azores and Madeira islands qualify as high density.

Interior Areas

Those include areas that qualify for a Golden Visa after a residential real estate investment is made.

With commercial real estate, the property must be classified as “commercial.” Individuals are allowed investment anywhere in Portugal without a location restriction.

With that, property investment in Portugal can be profitable. Many Golden Visa eligible properties include high growth areas, such as Peneda Geres, Aljezur, and the Douro Valley.

Investment Routes Available in 2022

They include:

  • Buying commercial real estate in Portugal worth EUR 500,000 minimum (or EUR 350,000 for rehabilitation investments). If the property is in a “low density” spot, the 20% discount will apply.
  • Buying residency real estate (within designated interior areas). Property should be worth EUR 500,000 minimum (or EUR 350,000 if it is a rehabilitation investment). A 20% discount on the minimum applies for properties located in a “low density” spot.
  • Buying commercial or residential property in the autonomous regions of the Azores or islands of Madeira. The minimum investment is EUR 500,000 (or EUR 350,000 if it is a rehabilitation investment). Discounts don’t apply here, since both regions are considered high density.

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