How can the red-hot U.S. real estate market help you find a new, exciting life abroad?

How can the red-hot U.S. real estate market help you find a new, exciting life abroad?


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Everyone has heard the stories.

Multiple offers. Bidding wars. All-cash offers.

As we transition into a post-pandemic era, the American residential real estate market is as hot as ever for sellers (some would say scorchingly so!). Most new construction markets in the U.S. cannot keep up with surging demand, which has created a pent-up nationwide housing shortage that drives up prices even further. Sellers can, and should, take advantage of the trend for their own gains and their own futures.

In moments like these, there is opportunity.

Millions of Americans nearing retirement age — or perhaps those considering doing so voluntarily five or ten years earlier than expected — could stand to benefit by selling their homes in this red-hot market, pocketing the profit and relocating to more affordable, more exotic destinations that offer a great quality of life without the high costs of living in the U.S.

For those who might share these international dreams, there’s Global Residency & Citizenship Group, a U.S.-based global mobility asset platform specializing in the unique needs and interests of Americans looking to go abroad, either temporarily or permanently. And guess what? Doing that doesn’t require giving up your U.S. citizenship.

Global RCG has developed a network of more than 30 destinations spanning the globe where Americans can thrive. Our advisors know the ins, outs and nuances of each place. While most Americans already realize they can visit most any country in the world easily with their passport, it’s another challenge entirely to live there as a legal permanent resident.

Imagine a casita in rural Spain, an ocean breezy porch in the Cayman Islands or the excitement of bustling Berlin. The possibilities to have a leisurely — or even an entrepreneurial life abroad, should you wish to pursue new endeavors — can be yours.

Contact Global RCG today to discover the fascinating world of global mobility assets and the freedom and peace of mind they provide.