Requirements For Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services

Requirements For Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services

Requirements For Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services

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Malta has multiple citizenship paths, like

One announced recently was the “Maltese citizenship by naturalization for exceptional services by direct investment” option (or CDI for short). This path comes with a list of requirements for foreign applicants.

They’re mentioned in 2020’s Legal Notice 437, which allows citizenship by naturalization after a residency period for those foreign individuals.

The Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation can also be extended to the families of foreign individuals.

The set of requirements are akin to eligibility tests. Applicants must prove themselves (and their family) fit and proper for Maltese Citizenship.

They should demonstrate good health and that accompanying dependent receive proper support from the main applicants.

Also, the main applicants should be 18 years minimum, while being of proper conduct.

Malta Citizenship Investment Requirements and Permit Length

The Maltese Citizenship By Naturalisation For Exceptional Services program is for citizenship. However, the main applicant should have been in Malta for three years prior (or 1-year fast track option).

A few investment channels are offered for the program. They are as follows:
• Purchase of residential real estate (EUR 700,000 minimum)
• Renting property (costing EUR 16,000 annually) for five years
• Transferring EUR 600,000 in capital, or EUR 750,000 for the 1 year fast track option + EUR 50,000 per dependent
• Donating EUR 10,000 to a recognized charity organization approved by the CMA

Requirements For Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services

Maltese authorities conduct a variety of due diligence assessments to define if the main applicant is fit and proper.

The assessments are done by the CMA (Community Malta Agency), and a licensed agent.

The applicant should provide a certificate of clean police conduct. They are required from countries where the main applicant was residing for more than 6 months at a time, throughout the past 10 years.

Each certificate must come from a law enforcement authority (national) that manages criminal charge records in said country.

The certificate should report the applicant’s criminal record status and is required for any applicant over 16 years old. The application is then verified by authorities holding international records.

Proper health is another requirement. The main applicant and dependent members should show they lack any contagious diseases or critical health problems.

A declaration should be provided to demonstrate their good health.

This must be provided by competent medical bodies stating that the applicant isn’t likely to burden Malta’s public healthcare systems.

Specific Requirements for Dependents

Spouses and any child under 18 can be included as dependents.

For a family member to be included, they should demonstrate financial reliance on the main applicants.

They should be a part of their household while meeting the criteria listed below:
• If they are over 18 years of age, they should be unmarried (but should not be 29 by that time)
• Parents and grandparents of main applicants can be included, but they must be 55 years minimum
• Adult children of the main applicant are included if they have a disability (as specified in Malta’s Equal Opportunities Act)

What Counts as Not Fit and Proper?

Applicants can be rejected for a variety of reasons, including:
• Being listed with the Europol or Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization)
• Being indicted for an offense before international criminal courts, or being arraigned before such courts
• Being involved in activities that are disreputable to Malta
• Being listed in restrictive international sanctions that are followed by Malta
• Is a potential or actual threat to Malta’s national security
• Having been charged as guilty of terrorism and its funding, war crimes, crimes against humanity, or money laundering

Also, the applicant and any dependents should have not been found guilty or charged of the following:
• Rape
• Pedophilia
• Defilement of Minors
• Inducing minors to abduction or prostitution
• Indecent violent assaults

Also, applicants cannot apply if any member was denied visas to countries where Malta has visa-free travel arrangements.