RCG Residence Index 2021

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Table of Contents


The RCG Global Residence Index ranks over 180 cities across the globe. The GRI weights 18 separate indexes that cover everything from the quality of the passport and a country’s economic power, to taxation, education, and more. The GRI is created from the perspective of “Global Investors”, international businesspeople for whom the world is their backyard. Many indexes are tailored to High-Net-Worth Individuals and would not be included in a normal Quality of Life Index.

The RCG Global Residence Index is the first ever index that compares the cost of living, real estate prices, taxes, health, education, infrastructure, quality of life and business environment for the world’s best residence and citizenship programs.

The choice of cities in the GRI reflects the main cities in countries that offer Residence & Citizenship by Investment programs. We have added cities from emerging countries so that investors from those cities can compare their home cities with potential future destinations.


All the data were collected from the individual RCG indexes. The RCG Residence Index was previously known as the STC Global Residence Index and the STC HNWI Residence Index.

Refer to each one for the complete methodology.

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