How US Companies Can Retain APAC- and MENA-based Employees Who Want to Live in the US or Europe

How US Companies Can Retain APAC- and MENA-based Employees Who Want to Live in the US or Europe


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There has been a massive expansion of the startup ecosystem in India over recent years, with Singapore and the MENA countries also posting record economic growth and more broadly across the APAC And MENA regions. US-based companies with offices or businesses in these regions are currently competing to hire and retain the best global talent when they are getting potentially great offers from other local companies.

But one way to retain these key employees is to give them the opportunity to live and work in either the EU or the US, both desired locations for many around the world.

How can US- or EU-based companies retain key employees who are currently based in India, Singapore, and the gulf coast when that talent would like to live, either temporarily or perhaps permanently, in the US or Europe? Here are two ways to creatively tackle this issue and retain global talent.

How to retain talent who want to live in Europe

Employees who want to live in the EU can utilize the EU Blue Card — Europe’s equivalent to the US Green Card, which allows the employee to continue working for the company while based in Germany or any of the other 24 member EU states that issue EU Blue Cards. This eventually can lead to permanent residency and citizenship while gaining free movement within the Schengen area along the way. They are also free to move to another member state after two years of employment subject to its rules.

If the company doesn’t have an EU subsidiary, Global RCG can help the company set up a German subsidiary and take care of all the immigration formalities, which includes helping the employee move to Germany and eventually obtain EU permanent residency and citizenship within two to three years, after which the employee can apply for broader E.U Permanent Residency and eventually citizenship.

How to retain talent who want to live in the US

To retain APAC and MENA based employees who want to move to the US, companies ca similarly utilize the EU Blue Card and then eventually bring them over to the US.

Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and, to date, the country who has issued the most EU Blue Cards. Being based in Germany would then allow the employee to gain the necessary managerial experience for employers to then file for the EB-1C, a managerial or executive-level US permanent residency visa that, if approved, would allow them to move, work and live in the US indefinitely without the uncertainty and hassle of the H-1B visa.

Indeed, this solution bypasses many of the issues of the H-1B visa, currently the standard option for many looking to immigrate to the US. The EU Blue Card offers a quick and streamlined solution as it will be processed within ninety days whereas H-1B visa applicants can be waiting for years.

By living and working for a year or more in Germany, the employee can keep doing what they do best while also working towards their own long-term goals – moving to the US. The company is thereby able to retain this key talent.

As you can see, there are creative global solutions for retaining employees who are based in India, Singapore, or other parts of APAC And MENA and who want to move to the US or the EU.

How Global RCG can help you retain employees

In today’s hyper-competitive climate, hiring and retaining global talent requires companies to be creative with their global mobility strategy. A major part of that strategy has to be taking advantage of international work capabilities given how remote work has enabled many professionals to work anywhere.

Consult with Global RCG today to determine which is the best mobility solution for you and your employees. You can contact us via the Global RCG website or connect with me directly on LinkedIn, to learn more!

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