‘Life is short’ retiring Americans: Moving abroad is the ticket to an exciting future

‘Life is short’ retiring Americans: Moving abroad is the ticket to an exciting future


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Every day, we’re realizing there are few aspects of life that the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t affect. Surprisingly, one of those facets is retirement.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the pandemic has convinced nearly 3 million Americans they need to quit the corporate ladder-climbing a bit earlier than expected. These contemplators of early retirement, who, according to government data, are age 55 and older, have accumulated sufficient wealth through robust retirement accounts but are feeling fatigued from the stresses of the modern workplace.

To them, life is the short. The daily grind isn’t worth it anymore. Going back to the office world is a tough pill to swallow.

But they have a dream — even if it’s still unrealized — of a bigger world beyond their backyards.

For them, there is Global Citizenship & Residency Group, the first U.S.-based investment advisory firm built to enhance international access and opportunity for American investors, professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees by shattering the restrictions placed on their freedom by virtue of holding a single passport.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. It isn’t.

Global RCG helps Americans move abroad by obtaining a second passport to supplement their U.S. one, gain temporary or permanent residency in another country, or, they’re so inclined, start a new entrepreneurial enterprise. Some options could even include all three.

We call these futures “global mobility assets.” They offer tangible benefits such as favorable tax regimes, international lifestyles and lower costs of living. To get them, Americans don’t even have to do anything as drastic as giving up their U.Scitizenship.

In this realm where such assets are an exciting form of global mobility capital, more than 30 desirable locations spanning the globe offer them. From an ocean-view villa in the Caribbean and a high-rise condo in Panama City to a winery in rural Portugal, Global RCG will help retirees fulfill their dreams they thought were only possible in the movies.

Contact Global RCG today to learn more about how a second passport, a “Golden Visa” or maybe an exciting new business abroad sound right for you.