The Silver Coast Portugal: A Definitive Guide For Expats

The Silver Coast Portugal: A Definitive Guide For Expats

The Silver Coast Portugal: A Definitive Guide For Expats

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The Silver Coast is a picturesque coastal location in Portugal that stretches along the country’s western coast. It is located between Lisbon and Porto and is known for its picturesque towns and beautiful beaches. From Santa Cruz in the south to Espinho in the north, the coastline stretches for around 240 kilometers. Costa de Prata was its previous name.

The Silver Coast is sometimes referred to as the Algarve of the North, however, it is a less touristy counterpart of the Algarve. With its wilder and more pristine beaches, the region remains undiscovered. It is a dream destination for ex-pats who wants to live in Portugal.

Why is the Silver Coast of Portugal such a great location?

If you’re thinking about moving to Portugal, the Silver Coast is a great place to start. It’s already one of the most popular places to buy a home and relocate. People are more likely to make this region their second home because of the cheaper cost of living compared to the rest of Europe and the high value of real estate prices. Furthermore, there are lots to see and do in this location, as well as excellent hospitality and delectable cuisine.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider relocating to Portugal’s Silver Coast.

Stunning Coastline

Some of the nicest beaches in Portugal may be found on the Silver Coast. The beaches here are wilder and more pristine because they are away from the country’s main crowds. Sao Martinho do Porto, with its shell-shaped harbor and enormous dune is a must-see. Also, Foz do Arelho, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Obidos Lagoon, is not to be missed. Sao Martinho do Porto is the nicest family beach in the area, with a beautiful sunset to boot. It’s also an excellent spot for families because of the mild waves and different water activities. Nazaré is known for its beautiful environment, unique culture, and beautiful beaches. Praia do Norte, famed for its large waves, is a must-see beach in this area. In addition to fishing, the area is a terrific spot to sample local cuisine and learn about the culture.

A unique culture and a rich history

In terms of history and culture, each region of Portugal has something special to offer. As you travel through this lovely region, you’ll notice a shift in language and accent. Local ladies in Nazaré will be dressed in sete saias, a traditional outfit that expresses the region’s biblical beliefs. Exploring the monuments here can teach you a lot about the country’s history and culture. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Obidos Castle and the Alcobaca Monastery, the first gothic structure, are two of the most famous tourist attractions. Small villages, on the other hand, continue to conduct events throughout the year.

Close to the heart of the city

The Silver Coast is centrally located in Portugal, with a well-developed road network. As a result, getting around this town will be a breeze. It is convenient to all major railroad networks and highways. You may also get to the international airport in under an hour. There are also buses available to transport you from one location to another.

Property prices that are attractive

High real estate prices are one of the most significant obstacles to the entire investment or migration process. But Silver Coast, Portugal is more than just a lovely face; it’s also a friendly place. The Silver Coast’s affordability is one of the key reasons to live in Portugal. Both apartments and houses have a variety of alternatives. There are various options available, whether you prefer traditional homes, contemporary living spaces, or a perfect combination of the two. Regardless of which home you select, you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the scenery and the beach. It will be well worth your money.

Delicious and nutritious food

Silver Coast will leave you wanting more in terms of gastronomy. Restaurants here serve some of the best seafood meals in the world. Furthermore, thanks to local farmers, fresh vegetables and fruits are always available. Furthermore, fresh vegetables are frequently accessible in the town’s numerous local markets. Small farms, lush fields, fruit trees, and vineyards dot the landscape, which is blessed with warm weather and plenty of sunshine.

Excellent life expectancy

If you’re searching for a relaxing, calm environment, this town is the place to be. It includes small towns and villages where most people know one another. Furthermore, the locals are welcoming and friendly toward visitors. Living here is so much better because of the easygoing lifestyle and love for simple things. You can spend time with your family on the beaches, which are within walking distance. People here, unlike in the metropolis, are not in a hurry to get there. The slower pace of life here, on the other hand, is extremely calming.

Active throughout the year

Portugal’s Silver Coast is attractive in its own way. Long walks on the beach are made so much more delightful by the moderate weather throughout most of the year. Whether it’s the Atlantic’s cold air or the North Canyon’s enormous waves, you’ll find something to relax to all year. Living on the Silver Coast can never be boring because people are always throwing some sort of event.

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