Of the Top 10 Migration Programs: How Many Applicants Get Approved Yearly?

Of the Top 10 Migration Programs: How Many Applicants Get Approved Yearly?


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This is an important question to ask, especially with the current pandemic in-effect.

Most would expect the number to fall from previous years. But this isn’t actually the case. Data shows that migration numbers have stayed steady for the past 4 years, and for the top 10 investment programs.

The values are as follows:

  • 2017 – 27,143
  • 2018 – 28,919
  • 2019 – 28260
  • 2020 – 27,268

Numbers have been steadily rising from 2017 to 2019. It’s only in 2020 that migration rates dipped to 2017 levels.

The drop is minor. Compared to 2016’s values (19,736), this shows that the pandemic hasn’t affected the migration industry too much.

Which Top 10 Programs Were Counted ?

The composition changes each year, but even that has remained somewhat stable over the past seven years.

Of 2020’s largest programs, half were also in 2014’s list and in all years up to now. They include:

  • Australia’s BIIP
  • United States’ EB-5
  • Portuguese Golden Visa
  • Greek Golden Visa
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis CIP

The other 5 programs composing 2020’s count include:

  • Turkey’s CIP
  • Dominica’s CIP
  • Thai Elite
  • Vanuatu DSP
  • Spain’s Golden Visa

Failed Performers

Some countries are showing lagging signs, and risk not showing up in 2021’s valuations (such as Greece).

The Greek program was actually in strong demand through 2019, only for its approval rates to fall by 90% in the subsequent year. This comes down to the countries strict shutdown measures, making it one of the lowest performers this year.

Regardless, some high performers in 2014 have never been featured in the top 10 count again. They include Latvia (which ranked fourth at the time).

Another high performing program is the US EB-5. While being the largest for most of the decade, the Malaysian M2H overtook its count by 2020. This didn’t last long however, where the Malaysian program was suspended a year later.

Another disappointing performer is the UK’s Tier 1 Investor Visa. The program only showed up once in top 10 throughout the past 7 years. Back then, the UK had yet to double its investment minimums, which were what contributed to the sharp drop in-demand.

One more program to mention is Quebec’s IIP. The program was a top 10 constant throughout 2014 to 2018, constantly fluctuating between 4th and 8th place. However, with the halting of its program, demand for it has dropped. It has yet to see a resurgence within the past two years.

Best Performers

So far the two best performers of 2020 are Turkey’s CIP and Vanuatu’s DSP.

Turkey’s program has garnered astounding popularity within its two year of operation, putting it ahead of competition.

Vanuatu is another major competitor, ranking 7th this year, and with this being its first year of launch.