Wealth Visas

Wealth Visas

Rentier or Passive Income

Our mission is to democratize international travel and settlement rights by empowering our members, successful American entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and retirees, to regain control over their global mobility aspirations and secure access to the safest, most liveable and desirable destinations around the world. Countries that offer Wealth Visas provide a residency permit to those who can demonstrate secure and stable income.

Wealth Visa Country Options

With a Retirement Visa or Passive Income Visa, you can gain residence in the country as long as you can financially support yourself without taking up employment.

We Specialize In Serving​


Affluent Retirees


C-Level Executives


Digital Nomads


Crypto Currency


Venture Capital, Private
Equity, Real Estate Developers

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Founders, Ceos, Early Employees at Tech Companies

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