Wealth Visa

Wanting to attract immigrants, Argentina offers a retirement visa and rentier visa that grants a three-year residency permit to those who can demonstrate secure and stable income. Under both visas you are not allowed to take any employment in Argentina, but you can attend to your personal business activities. After three years, you will be eligible for permanent residency in the country, and after two more years, you will be eligible for citizenship.

Capital City

Buenos Aires

Visa free countries


Total area

2.78M km²




Argentine Peso


44.94 million (2019)

Time Zone



Lead to permanent residence in 3 years

Required investment
from approx. €830,000

Very fast processing time

No min stay requirement

Application Process


Consult with Global RCG


Prepare your documents


Submits the application


Receive your residency

Argentina Wealth Visa
Application Process

To qualify, you must prove the amount of income you receive is sufficient to meet your maintenance and that of your primary family group. To gain temporary residency as a rentier visa holder, the minimum amount required is 30,000 ARP ($315 USD a month).

The source of income can be from:

You will also need to provide the following documents:

Week 1
Week 1
Consult with Global RCG to determine the best course of action, wealth management and investment solutions.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 2
Prepare documents and application to submit.
Week 2
Week 3
Week 3
Global RCG submits the application online. The system will request the payment.
Week 3
Week 5
Week 5
An email will arrive with an appointment date for you to pick up your permit at your nearest Argentinian consulate or representative.
Week 5

Download Our Factsheet

Do you need more information about the Argentina Wealth Visa program? Download the complete factsheet below:

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