Alternative Passport

Citizenship of a European country provides visa-free travel to over 170 nations and the right of settlement in any of the 28 European Member States.

Montenegro’s Citizenship-by-Investment Programme launched in Q1 2020 and offers investors visa-free travel to 124 countries and the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

The Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalisation (MEIN) grants citizenship within 12 or 36 months. Once Maltese citizenship is granted, citizens enjoy visa-free access to 184 countries, including the UK and USA.

Austria is considered one of the most stable countries in the world and boasts a high standard of living. Is the only Western European country that offers the possibility to obtain citizenship by investment.

Turkey’s citizenship by investment program launched in Sep 2018 and offers investors visa free travel to 116 countries.

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