Why Us



Surfacing potential risks that other providers overlook or aren't aware of

The rules and regulations, as well as the political oversight and scrutiny of these programs change rapidly and without warning. Furthermore, local micro and macro conditions can often affect a programs viability with delays in processing, inability to secure appointments or halts in project developments.

Our RCBI experience allows us to delineate all the prevalent risks to our clients when they are making such an important decision.


We are

Global RCG Wealth is a Registered Investment Advisor who is bound by the fiduciary standard of care requiring us to act solely in the client's best interest

regulatory oversight

We adhere to US standards for client care and provide assurances regarding our services

Not aligned with foreign operators

We work with our own local teams who handle all programs and investment routes to ensure that clients receive the best service and that our advice remains impartial.


Your Trusted Partner in Fund Management


Prospective fund investors provided with advice


Attracted in foreign direct investment to various countries


Nationalities served including investors from the U.S., the UK, Hong Kong, China and India


Residency compliant funds in the portfolio



Governments Advised

including the Quebec government

Track record advising governments on residency and citizenship by investment

Global RCG is led by globally recognized experts in the investment migration industry who have a common goal in mind: to catalyze access to opportunity across the globe

Local presence

All our providers
are vetted locally

All the programs and providers on our platform have been vetted by our mobility team to ensure that they are viable and have a strong track record

Benefits from
significant savings

Our presence means we are able to negotiate preferential rates on required services which we can then pass onto our clients


Due to our local teams that service us exclusively, we have an extra pair of eyes on the ground and are able to execute tasks more effectively

US Know-how

US-based and trained

We are headquartered in and have our base of operations in the US.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with US-based clients. We understand our clients needs and are familiar with the level of service US investors are accustomed to and expect.

Pioneers of the US’s Golden Visa Program

Prior to Global RCG, the senior leadership team co-founded LCR Capital partner, a leading EB-5 investment firm that pioneered the EB-5 program in promising markets outside China including India, South Africa and Brazil.

Extensive US relationship base

As a Us-based firm, we have a large network of professional service providers including wealth and asset managers, attorneys, consulting practises and more.

Our clients benefit from introductions to our vast network of seasoned professionals.

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